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MonsterGirl Series


Theses audios are solos or mini series that aren't a part of any bigger series. From just one offs with an orc to SFW comforts to even having fun with dominant secretary. There is something here for everyone!

These are not the full versions. The full versions are exclusively on Onlyfans or Patreon for listen and download

Boss' SecretMiss Lofn
00:00 / 07:54

The office is closed and you call in your secretary for a last minute schedule check in for next week. One thing leads to another and now she is sitting in your lap, grinding, and teasing you.

Includes: F4A, role reversal, power imbalance, boss x secretary, femdom, teasing, grinding, kissing, public play, humiliation, degradation, lap sitting, older audio

Back at the OfficeMiss Lofn
00:00 / 07:54

Everyone thinks you have taken the day off. You are the boss after all. Only you and your secretary know the truth. You are underneath the desk, shackled, and being made to give her orgasms while she answers all your phone calls.

Includes: F4A, public, being restrained, power imbalance, role reversal, boss x secretary, femdom, teasing, humiliation, degradation, under the desk, older audio, cuffs, chains, moaning

Caught Red HandedMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:01

Trying to go to your car, your neighbor stops by. There is something she has been meaning to ask you about. She has caught you staring through her window the past few nights. Not that she is mad, she is more curious as to why

Includes: F4A, neighbors, milf, mommy kink, spy, voyeurism, exhibitionism, public play, kissing, age difference, older narrator x younger listener

NekoizationMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:38

The hottest new thing has hit society! Becoming an animal/human hybrid. Finally you have saved up enough money to get the hyrbid you want, nekoization! The nurse needs to do a little testing first though...

Includes: F4A, nekos, medical, improper medical testing, licking, praise, pet names

Double TroubleMiss Lofn
00:00 / 09:24

You screwed over the mafia. Not great. They send their best interrogators to find you. Also not great. It turns out it isn't just one person but it is two. And they are twins. Sadomasochistic twins who are willing to do whatever it takes to get you spill.

Includes: F4A, twins, mafia, restrained, humiliation, degradation, masochistic listener, sadistic narrator, two speakers

ExposedMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:14

The captain has figured out that you were the spy sent by the navy. Not only to betray your captain, but to be found out in the middle of the sea with no port in sight in days isn't going to end well.

Includes: F4A, swords, spit, humiliation, degradation, insults, not gentle femdom, mentions of being sold, mentions of sexual slavery, restrained, mentions of being tossed to the crew

Morning AfterMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:54

After going home with a milf last night, you spend the morning being lazy in bed cuddling and kissing and procrastinating the rest of your day. 

Includes: F4A, milf, age difference, kissing, heartbeat, cuddling, compliments, promise of pancakes but no pancakes, aftercare, mommy kink, gentle femdom

Spoil of WarMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:29

The last human left alive at your camp after an orc raid. If you play dead, then maybe they won't notice you and leave you alone. But your trail gives you away. Instead of killing you, this orc decides to take you as her personal victory prize. It's not like a little human like yourself can take care of themselves alone.

Includes: F4A, size difference, monster girl, orc, femdom, gentle to harsh femdom, non con, restrained, helping the injured, pet names (kitten), humiliation, degradation

My BelovedMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:57

Waking up restrained in a space ship wasn't the plan but who can really plan for something like that? An alien starts talking to you about how much she loves you and her plans for you and that isn't making any sense. You didn't know aliens existed before right now let alone how could one that you've never met fall in love with you?

Includes: F4A, yandere, alien, non con, restrained, kidnapping, abduction, tentacles, mentions of breeding, mentions of oviposition

Head of Staff pt. 1 Response TrainingMiss Lofn
00:00 / 07:14

It's your first day on the job as a royal servant to the king and queen. The head of the household shows you exactly how things run around her from how to properly tie your uniform to testing your response to different stimuli. Afterall, only the best for the king and queen.

Includes: F4A, royalty, medieval setting, servant, response training, kissing, older audio, getting dressed, talking down to, bi (can be forced or not)

Head of Staff pt. 2 Proper SpankingMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:32

Second day on the job and the head of the household needs to teach you one of the most important lessons there is to learn. How to be spanked and how to spank someone.

Includes: F4A, royalty, medieval setting, servant, older audio, spanking, moaning, crying, humiliation, degradation, being spanked, doing the spanking, switch

Just Following OrdersMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:49

Being held for ransom wasn't on your list of things you wanted to to happen today but that is out of your control. The 2nd in control is in charge of watching you but with you all tied up, how can she resits?

Includes: F4A, non con, hostage, ransom, kidnapping, mafia, kissing, restrained, bondage, older audio

Punishment of a BetrayerMiss Lofn
00:00 / 09:11

Did you really think getting out of the pack with your eldritch patron was going to be easy?

Includes: F4A, non con, yandere, eldritch horror, patron, warlock, fantasy, tentacles, dp, punishment, humiliation, degradation, teaching a lesson

So UnfortunateMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:37

As a rookie investigator it is not everyday that you get called to Belcourt Chateau. It is also not everyday that someone dies in a mysterious way. Hopefully this is just as the lady of the house says and it was a freak accident.

Includes: F4A, vampire, rich widow, thunderstorm, fake crying, over dramatic, personality change, blood drink, hypnosis

It's Not Like I CareMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:51

Life could have been worse. At least the vampire who keeps you as her personal blood bank is nice. She makes sure you are comfortable, well fed, happy, and never takes more then needed. Which means, she is fun to tease.

Includes: F4A, tsundere, vampire, gentle femdom, bratty listener, drinking, blood, CNC, kissing, you totally want more from this relationship not me this is your idea obviously

Summer Body ReadyMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:08

You haven't been feeling confident in your body since the season is changing. That's okay because your girlfriend is here to hype you up and remind you how attractive she finds you

Includes: F4A, GFE, comfort, body positivity, praise, kissing, body worship, established relationship

The Butterfly EffectMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:08

The villains were planning on capturing the big hero, making a statement. Instead, they got you. The heroes' sidekick. While it's not exactly what they were going for, they can make it work

Includes: F4A, electro play, electro wand, being shocked, restrained, mind break, come join our side, sOcIeTy

[F4A] Two for One (Twin Succubi x Tricked Listener) Ownership, Inspection, Kissing (mp3cutMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:57

You just wanted to summon one demon and make a deal. But instead, you accidentally summoned two. They seem to pretty high up in hell's ranks and they look like twins. Maybe two demons are better then one?

Includes: F4A, making deals, demon, succubus, inspection, soul selling, kissing, marking, ownership, twins

Wrong AddressMiss Lofn
00:00 / 08:59

A package you ordered got delivered to the cute milf next door. She knocks on your door and give it to you but offers you a little more then just your package

Includes: F4A, age difference, younger listener x older narrator, innocent listener, mommy kink, gentle femdom, kissing

The Last TimeMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:51

You and your teacher have had an on and off again relationship throughout the school year. You just won't leave her alone. So she makes a deal with you. One final session and you leave her alone.

Includes: F4A, teacher x student, older narrator x younger listener, brat listener, spanking, public, humiliation, degradation, discipline

What am I Going to do Next?Miss Lofn
00:00 / 13:41

Tied up and blindfolded let your domme take control as you try to predict what happens next to your body.

Includes: F4A, older audio, bondage, restrained, blindfold, sensory deprivation, kissing, body worship, oral

Let's PlayMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:53

Another round of cat and mouse with your favorite robber. As a detective you know you shouldn't want to hear a thief is robbing someone but you have a soft spot for her. There is something thrilling about hooking up with the enemy. 

Includes: F4A, opposites attract, teasing, femdom, bondage, restrained, tied up, eat the rich

Local Milf in your AreaMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:54

Working retail isn't the most interesting job and is more or less the same thing everyday. But today an attractive milf bumps into you and asks for your help. You wouldn't be doing your job if you didn't help her out...

Includes: F4A, milf, mother's day 2021, public play, kissing, bold, mentions of pegging, dry humping, grinding, gentle femdom

The Weather Outside is Frightful - PUBLIC SFXMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:34

You and your friend decide to share an air bnb for the weekend! But something goes wrong and the heat in her room is broken. She goes into your room seeking warmth and wanting to share a bed, strictly platonically. But now that she is in bed with, she seems not to be so tired...

Includes: F4A, sharing a bed, friends to lovers, platonic, kissing, moaning, heavy breathing, compliments, praise, tit worship, nipple play, helping a friend out

Let's Take It SlowMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:24

First date with this girl and things are getting hot and heavy. But she notices some slight apprehension. It's your first time! Not that that is anything to be embarrassed about, but let's take it a little slow

Includes: F4A,  Kissing, compliments, praise, some cliches, nipple play, body worship, pet names, being straddled, gentle femdom, moaning, hickeys, neck kisses, dirty talk

Once in a LifetimeMiss Lofn
00:00 / 28:31

It's Valentine's Day and humans are lonely. Really lonely. So lonely they are willing to create a sigil, light some candles, and offer themselves as an offering regardless if they believe in magic or not. Which means when a 24 year old woman summons you, who are you to say no? It's really perfect timing...

Includes: F4A,  fear play, being afraid, summoning circles, magic, talks of hell, kissing, lots of compliments, oral, religious tones, blasphemy, and talks of ownership, monster listener, demon listener

Invoke DuplicityMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:36

Last thing you remember you were approached by someone and knocked out. You wake up tied up, with a fire warming the cold that the night air leaves on your skin and two identical women are staring at you. While their hound sleeps, they tell you about a bounty on your head and how they plan to turn you in for some money. Weirdly, the one only seems to do what the other says. Maybe you can strike a deal with the clearly dominant of the two?

Includes: F4A, FF4A, Three Way, inappropriate magic use, bondage, restrained, struggling, making a deal, understanding, fantasy setting, public space, edging, denial, being questioned, degradation, spit

No I Can't Talk Any LouderMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:22

You call your girlfriend in the middle of the night. In a hushed whispered tone she asks you what is wrong and laughs a little in relief when it's just that you're horny. If you are okay with her speaking in a whispering she agrees to get you off. She decides this by describing a fantasy she has been wanting to do with you for a while.

Includes: F4A, dirty talk, describing a fantasy, ASMR, whispering, established relationship, l-bombs

Fantasy Includes: blindfolds, gentle femdom, kissing, making out, grinding, cuddling, snuggling, vibrators, praise, listener orgasm, weirdly sweet and wholesome

Lamia's LairMiss Lofn
00:00 / 08:17

You were trying to find shelter for the night and decided to peak into a cave. The only issue? The cave wasn't empty. Inside you find a Lamia who is willing to help you if you can answer a few questions for her.

Includes: F4A, lamia, monster girl, cave, bondage, restrained, tail play

Last CallMiss Lofn
00:00 / 16:25

It's your last night in town before you move on with your adventure and you decide to stop into the tavern. It's not very busy considering the time night but the bar maiden is just as awake as ever. How will this night go?

Includes: F4A, alcohol, flirting, teasing, foreplay, gossiping, hickeys, kissing, dirty talk

The Ear Cleaning SpecialistMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:07

Sometimes you save up enough to treat yourself and you finally saved up enough for the famed Dr. Marigold's special ear licking treatment. They say she is the best in the area. Once she enters, you start to understand why the neko doctor is so recommended.

Includes: full version, neko, doctor x patient, ASMR, whispering, ear licking, orgasm encouragement, public play,  be quiet

You're a Good PetMiss Lofn
00:00 / 14:21

You were once the most feared name in this time. Just the mere mention of your name could instill fear. Then one day you simply disappeared. Most assumed you had met your fatal end but only you and one other person know the truth. Instead of throwing you into a jail you would inevitably break out of, the hero decided to take a more hands on approach. Turning you into her little pet. She has to leave for a little bit which means you get the headphones. The calming and familiar voice washes over you as it begins...

Includes: Yandere narrator, with binaural beats, non con, captivity, mind break, pet play, repetitive themes, ownership, dehumanization, sensory deprivation, restraints, and happily mind broken listener,

A Warm Spring Night Part 2Miss Lofn
00:00 / 17:04

After you agree to be your wolf girlfriend's mate she pounces on you. After a quick make out session, she decides to go down on you to get you ready for her knot. After she works you up with some dirty talk, some oral, and a denies your release. After all, the next time you cum it will be around her knot...

Includes: Making out, bottom listener, oral, licking, kissing, biting, moaning, primal play, possessive narrator, girl with a knot, mating rituals, orgasm denial

Shower Time - FULL VERSIONMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:54

Waking up with your girlfriend means you get to shower together! Getting clean and getting together *wink wink*. She makes sure to make the water temperature just right for you so you can enjoy your morning time together before work.

Includes: Shower SFX, Shampooing noises, domestic bliss, being cute, showering together, oral, listener gets shampooed and conditional while eating out the narrator, dirty talk, babbling, narrator orgasm

Fresh MeatMiss Lofn
00:00 / 19:50

You are the newest concubine of the Xeodel region. You hearing talking outside your door before a purple Lamia calling herself "Astrali" enters and informs you that you will be undergoing training. Before training, she must do an inspection of you and test to see what you like and don't like...

Includes: concubines, harems, monster girls, inspection, masochistic listener, spanking, kissing, nipple play, scratching, biting, begging

At Goddess' Feet - Full VersionMiss Lofn
00:00 / 23:48

You've been tied up, gagged, sitting at the feet of your Goddess while a vibe is on you for only a few minutes but it seems like torture. She can't really seem to ignore you because of your whining so instead she decides to tease, humiliate, and degrade you until you orgasm.

Includes:humiliation, degradation, bondage, ropes, restrained, gagged, being spit on, tears, licking said tears, edging, listener orgasm, talks of having pictures/videos taken in said position, harsher stuff

Don't Think, Just ObeyMiss Lofn
00:00 / 19:07

You are the queen's favorite concubine and she has summoned you. After servicing her you are about to return to your room as normal but she doesn't want that. She hasn't dismissed you. Have you forgotten whose name is engraved on the gold collar around your neck?

Includes: Fantasy setting, queen x concubine, nipple play, kissing, moaning, teasing, possessive narrator, dominant narrator, submissive listener, interactive with listener, and collar.

An Eldritch PactMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:05

You thought you could do it. You made a pact with an eldritch being and things were going great. But then it started to actually demand things of you and you don't agree with said things. You tried to get away. You stopped using your magic. You ignored the dreams and the signals. But beaten and broken, you need it's magic. Luckily she seems to have a soft spot for you it seems even if she is cruel.

Includes: size difference, eldritch, tentacles, tentacle sucking, compliments, some themes of depression/not being good enough/feeling empty, she's also bit of a yandere ngl, moaning, breathing, pet names, cruel but sweet, objectification, magic, dnd themes

Something GentleMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:24

 You've been so good for your domme lately she decides to reward you! How? By being sweet, worshiping your perfect body, showering you in praise and compliments, and then have you orgasm from just her mouth. Relax and let your domme take care of you, you've earned it

Includes: gentle femdom, praise kink, compliments, kissing, mouth sounds, body worship, nipple play, ASMR, biting, and hickeys

Fucking What's MineMiss Lofn
00:00 / 14:42

You and your domme have planned a scene out for the past week and tonight is the night. Strapped to the breeding bench, she face fucks you before turning to your other end...

Includes: established consent, pre planned scene, established relationship, power imbalance, strapon, bondage, breeding bench, chains, face fucking, oral (giving), sweetly cruel, humiliation, degradation, and praise.

Web of LoveMiss Lofn
00:00 / 19:03

While going for your nightly stroll you stumble into a web that is much bigger then the ones you are used to. What kind of spider needs a web this big? Struggling to get free from the strong material, someone wakes up. A half woman/half spider who seems very excited to meet you!

Includes: Drider, monster girl, webs, restrained, she's really excited and nice to you, consent is asked, even for a kiss, thigh riding, gentle femdom, compliments, listener orgasm, talks of oviposition, talks of breeding, talks of swollen belly/pregnancy, and talks of mating

ImprintMiss Lofn
00:00 / 11:34

On your way home from work there is a crowd of people gathering. Another day, another hero vs villain fight. It's why the rent is so cheap in this town. You are just another normal person, you work a normal job, have an average apartment, don't have powers or anything like that. You are the ordinary in an extraordinary town. Which is why waking up in complete darkness to a woman you don't recognize seems out of the blue seems strange. What's worse is that she looks familiar but you can't place where you have seen her....

Includes: Bystander listener, super villain narrator, yandere narrator, being taken/captured/abducted whatever you wanna call it, mentions of people who are no longer living (not you, her previous partners), lonely narrator, narrator has a few screws loose, laughing, hypnotism, mind break, reprogramming of mind, reluctant to enthusiastic listener

Red EyesMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:36

While out on the town today you thought you saw the same person three times. That's a little odd but maybe you just had similar schedules. Now falling asleep at night someone that looks almost identical to her shows up. The only difference is she has glowing red eyes and starts making smoke come from her fingers. That's odd....

Includes: monster girl, witch/siren/demon/some magic user that lives off of energy, dreaming/not really a dream, smoke that acts like tentacles, femdom, restrained by the smoke, teased by the smoke, breath play by the smoke, and sensory deprivation

Do you like older women?Miss Lofn
00:00 / 20:40

As a freshman in college it is your first time off the leash and you are roommates with someone named Alex. They are nice enough and don't cause too much trouble. While the AC is out, they volunteer to get a fan to cool down the room. While they are out, there is a knock at the door and an older woman you don't recognize. You vaguely remember Alex saying something about their mom stopping by....

Includes: Older narrator/Younger listener, innocent listener, virgin listener, kissing, grinding, thigh riding, narrator orgasm, mommy kink, gentle femdom, showing you the ropes, nipple play, trying not to get caught, and neck kissing

The Monthly AgreementMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:46

Working on a spaceship has it's perks. Nice lounge, dress code, getting to meet all sorts of folks. A few months ago, your crew got a new member who you were smitten with. You asked her out, she agreed, and before things could go further she showed you a contract. It requested that once a month she can breed you full of her eggs. One of the quirks of her species. You agreed and from then on, once a month, she summons you to her quarters and breeds you full.

Includes: sci-fi, alien, tentacle, tentacle dick, breeding, oviposition, wet noises, established relationship, consent pre-established, femdom, narrator orgasm, talks of becoming a broodmare/talks of being a slut, and she wants you to be loud

Cat and MouseMiss Lofn
00:00 / 18:25

You've discovered a recent kink of yours. Shibari. You want to try something restrictive but didn't realize it would tie your hands so close together, and that you wouldn't be able to get out by yourself. Luckily your neko roommate is there to lend you a helping hand!

Includes: neko, shibari, rope play, cat tongue, body worship, gentle femdom, oral (receiving), edging, praise, compliments, licking, wet noises, mouth sounds, and pet names

After Class DisciplineMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:19

You've been in a relationship with your professor for a little while now. While she is a little cold, you can tell she does enjoy your company, even when you are being a brat. Recently on a quiz, you tried to play with her on a long answer you didn't know by writing down what the two of you did the previous night. Apparently that wasn't the right answer...

Includes: Professor x Student, power imbalance, spanking, over the knee, in public, humiliation, and punishment

Blame the AliensMiss Lofn
00:00 / 21:12

Last night you went to bed at a normal time. You didn't do anything differently. So waking up in a room that is a bright white with a stranger that is yelling at seemingly nothing is a little out of sorts. Oh good, she's noticed you...

Includes: Strangers to lovers, aliens, sci-fi, sex pollen, trapped in a room, confusion, exhibitionism/voyeurism, falling into your lap, pet names, kissing, non-con, narrator orgasm, real orgasm, and handstuff/grinding

Lost RecordMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:47

Last night you went to bed at a normal time. You didn't do anything differently. So waking up in a room that is a bright white with a stranger that is yelling at seemingly nothing is a little out of sorts. Oh good, she's noticed you...

Includes: Rape, but then she ends up liking it, forced oral with a tentacle, SCP-ish thing, scientist/researching, monster fucking, tentacles, oral, pheromones, and darker themes in general

UsefulMiss Lofn
00:00 / 21:39

You and your girlfriend have been in a owner/pet, dom/sub dynamic for a while. One of the mutual kinks you share is free use. Sitting in her office, hanging out with her while she works, she calls you over to warm her tentacles. It's time for your time to shine. All you have to do is keep her tentacle warm until you are useful again.

Includes: establish d/s relationship, monster girlfriend (not specified), tentacle warming, tentacle sucking, under the desk, typing, phonecalls, dirty talk, pet play (kitten), praise kink, compliments, choking on tentacle, slight dacryphilia, free use, and pseudo public (because of phone calls)

Let Mommy Do ItMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:03

Your girlfriend got a new purple strap. You know what that means? It's time to break it in!

Includes: Established relationship, gentle femdom, mommy kink, CG/L, lube, praise kink, compliments and anal fingering

Shameless FlirtMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:55

For weeks, you have been flirting with tattoo shop owner that works down the street. Sure, you're a barista and you flirt with everyone for extra tips, but she's special. You mean it with her. A few backs she offers to give you a new tattoo at a discount because she wants to get to know you better. That thought has been ruminating in your brain. Now here you are, a rainy Friday evening, standing outside her shop. Are you really going to do this?

Includes:Coffee Shop/Tattoo Shop, barista listener, sub listener, masochist listener, femdom narrator, shameless flirting, trying to fluster the listener, praise and compliments, needles (tattoo machine), taking a chance, and SFX

For ScienceMiss Lofn
00:00 / 11:11

You work at a top secret research center for the strange and unusual. Today you are tasked with taking 537's vitals aka "The Slime Woman". She used to work at the research facility as a fellow scientist but after an experiment gone wrong, she now resides here as something to be studied. Whenever you visit her, she tends to get chatty. She can't help it! You are her favorite little researcher.

Includes: Monster girl, slime girl, experiment gone wrong, SCP inspired, slime and goo, wet noises, flirting, teasing, narrator is a little rambly, talks of absorption, unrealistic scientific and medical procedures, and lonely narrator.

You Think I'm Mean?Miss Lofn
00:00 / 23:30

Your sister's hot best friend is over the house and while you wouldn't say you two are friends, you are familiar with each other. An emergency forces your sister out of the house and instead of living, your sister's best friend decides to entertain herself by chatting with you. Do you remember that party over the summer?

Includes:Memories, mentions of the listener being drunk (in the past), humiliation, gentle femdom, big tiddy goth girl, mommy kink, oral (giving), moaning, dirty talk, narrator orgasm, praise kink, inexperienced listener, being guided, teasing, flirting, and she bullies/teases you a bit in the beginning (nothing harsh it's all in good fun to her). 

Traditional Etovian Welcome Miss Lofn
00:00 / 19:10

Every year, a planet is picked to hold the Intergalactic Gala. It's a time to learn more about other planets you don't know about and have a good time. This year, the planet is Etov. A small planet with a matriarchal society lead by a president. Arriving there you meet, Thebos, your guide and escort...

Includes: Sci-fi, aliens, alien anatomy (she tries her best to compare it to a human's), culture sharing, bondage, rope, teasing, lingerie, begging, and femdom

Pretty Please with Honey on Top - SFX - PMiss Lofn
00:00 / 18:53

While enjoying a nice, sunny day, a cute bee girl bumps into you. She's a little ditzy but well meaning and asks you to help her find the origin of that floral scent that is driving her antennae wild

Includes:  Monster girl, bee girl, poll winner, ditzy narrator, searching for a flower, oral (giving), narrator orgasm, honey play/kink (is that a thing?), exhibitionism (outside), and consent is asked/gained!

Blind Obedience = Blind Pleasure Miss Lofn
00:00 / 26:06

You've been acting up lately and despite the punishments, your Mistress decides that your behavior isn't fixed enough for her. It's time to be restrained and listen to some hypnosis so your behavior improves...

Includes:  Hypnosis, binaural beats, pet play, objectification, and dumbification

Something to be Thankful For Miss Lofn
00:00 / 18:56

Your negative thoughts have been getting to you lately. You don't know why but it is frustrating. Your girlfriend finds you wrapped up in a blanket clearly sulking. You ask her to distract you for a bit which she happily obliges.

Includes:  Compliments, praise, gentle femdom, ASMR, all whispering, mouth sounds, wet noises, kissing, body worship, nipple play, be gentler to yourself, and let me tell you everything I love about you

Unique OpportunityMiss Lofn
00:00 / 30:38

You must have had too much to drink on NYE because you are waking up somewhere you don't remember. Trying to move you release you are restrained and trying to speak makes you realize there is a gag in your mouth. Gaining more clarity, there is a voice you don't recognize...

Includes:  Alien, rape/non-con, sedatives, tentacles, oviposition, breeding, not realistic medical procedures, sci-fi themes, advanced technology, dehumanization, stomach expanding, eggs, alien nurse/scientist x human listener, bondage/restraints, gag, finger sucking/mouth fucking, narrator orgasm, and little bit of praise kink.

Something so SweetMiss Lofn
00:00 / 17:29

You had a bad day at work and you need something or someone to take your mind off of it so you stop ruminating. Your Mommy knows just what you need...

Includes:  established relationship/dynamic, could be seen as cg/l, mommy kink, nursing/breast feeding, handstuff (receiving), compliments, praise, gentle femdom, taking care of you, listener orgasm, and encouragement

Latex BunnyMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:05

Your girlfriend got new latex lingerie. It is a bunny suit with some pleaser boots, gloves, and a special surprise you don't know about. She decides to tease you from the other side of the door before finally showing you how she looks...

Includes:  established relationship, GFE, latex, bunny girl, boots, gloves, harsh/cruel femdom (she gets mean), pet play, puppy play, orgasm denial, very light boot play like you gotta squint but it's there, teasing, humiliation, degradation, dumbification, narrator refers to herself as goddess and there is slight spiritual themes/imagery and stay on the floor but watch me.

Switching SidesMiss Lofn
00:00 / 18:14

The newest member of your crew is someone from the other side. While your advisors aren't too keen on her, you want to give her a chance.  Has she really switched sides?

Includes:  Fantasy elements, witch narrator, magic mentioned but not used, love confession, war mentions (but idk how war works), kissing, dirty talk, thigh riding, narrator orgasm, breast play/worship, and switch vibes

Allow Me To Guide YouMiss Lofn
00:00 / 16:42

Alone in your room for the night, you start humping your pillow. At almost   completion, you hear a voice and it catches you off guard forcing your orgasm away. But that's okay, this stranger is more then willing to help you get it back...

Includes:  Strangers, pillow humping, neck kisses, compliments, praise, gentle femdom, listener orgasm, and "good puppy"

Thrill of the ChaseMiss Lofn
00:00 / 19:38

You were told not to go out alone in the forest. You were told that there were dangerous things in this forest. Did you listen? No. Why would you? So now you are running for you life from a werewolf who desperately wants to mate you and make you her newest omega. Maybe if you just hid she wouldn't find you...

Includes:  DARKER THEMES BE WARNED, rape, running, hiding, breeding kink, A/B/O dynamics, wrestling, pinned, from behind, body betrayal, ownership kink, and possessive narrator

Little Seed of ChaosMiss Lofn
00:00 / 24:12

Trying to sleep as someone who gets their powers from the fae is always a journey. Are you actually gonna get some sleep? Is your patron going to visit you in your dreams? It's usually the latter. Attempting to ignore her so you can actually rest, she decides she isn't enjoy your contract anymore because you don't entertain her. Just how desperate are you to keep your powers?

Includes:  Fantasy/DnD inspired, fae, magic, inappropriate use of magic, fae deals, consent asked, kissing, gag, face fucking, oral (giving), humiliation, degradation, narrator orgasm, girl with a magic cock, dacryphilia, and facial (receiving)

Cupid's CrushMiss Lofn
00:00 / 26:29

While out and about on your walk, you feel a prick but think nothing of it. That is until a woman with fluffy wings and harp music tells you to grab her waste she has something important she needs to tell you...

Includes: Fuckery with gods, Roman names for Greek gods, l-bomb, humiliation, degradation, objectification, choking, pinned down, slutty narrator, moaning, heavy breathing, mutual orgasms, and kissing

A Warlock and her BeholderMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:56

Outside of a cave you hear strange noises. You aren't sure if the person is in pleasure or danger but upon further inspection you see a human warlock being taken by her pet beholder. It seems they are having a psychic conversation as well as physical as it takes her with it's tentacles. Just when the show is over, a rock breaks and alerts them of your preference. If only you weren't so clumsy...

Includes: Voyeurism, Tentacles (both in narrator and listener), exhibitionism, cumming inside, clumsy listener, manhandling (from the beholder), religious themes, in public (cave), narrator orgasm, and voice in head (the beholder)

You're Perfect, BabyMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:12

You've been having it tough the past couple days and your girlfriend noticed. She decides to take it upon herself to show you just how much she loves and appreciates you!

Includes: Kissing, GFE, established relationship, body worship, licking, biting/nipping, compliments, praise kink, mouth sounds, and could be seen as vanilla or gentle femdom it's up to you, ASMR-ish?

Lonely Lamia of the Lake Wants a MateMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:16

While enjoying your day off at the lake in the enchanted woods, a lamia greets you. She seems awfully lonely and just content to talk to you. This take a turn for the dark when you deny her. Clearly you don't understand what you need as well as she does...

Includes: Monster girl, lamia, size difference, in public (woods), compliments, soft to harsh femdom, water, lonely narrator, yandere-esque, and lamia mating rituals

Breaking in my new HitachiMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:35

This is just a ramblefap. I don't know what else to say...

Black Lace Panties - Ending AMiss Lofn
00:00 / 17:23

Your girlfriend has wanted to surprise you with a kink of hers for a while, some black lace. She decided on panties for the first time to make sure it was something you were okay with. After some encouragement, you leave your room to show her and she just can't keep her hands to herself...

Includes: Listener wearing new panties, sitting in narrator's lap, feminization, basically naked listener/clothed narrator, compliments, lap sitting, kissing, teasing, flirting, thigh grinding (panties on sweatpants), strap-on (pink and sparkly), begging (listener), orgasm permission and encouragement, listener orgasm in panties from grinding, and talks of matching lingerie set including panties, gentle femdom, bralettes, and bows.

Mommy's Little BimboMiss Lofn
00:00 / 36:08

Your girlfriend has been really into doing your makeup and dressing you up lately which works because you like being mindless and following orders. So Mommy decides to take care of her babygirl by transforming her into a glittery pink bimbo!

Includes: Request fill, Mommy kink, gentle femdom, dumbification (without being mean), bimboification, doing makeup, LOTS OF PINK, check-ins, ownership kink, mentions of hickeys, kissing, teasing, fingering, and narrator orgasm

Monster Girl Series

Want to see what it's like with a slime girl? Or maybe tentacles or more up your alley? Or maybe even a werewolf girl is more your type.  Well you can find them here! Each episode is a different type of monster girl and they are all gender neutral so anyone can listen to them!

These are not the full versions. The full versions are exclusively on Onlyfans or Patreon for listen and download

Tentacle got your tongue?Miss Lofn
00:00 / 09:50

Your neighbor who happens to be a girl with tentacles has caught you staring at her for a little too long enough times that she decides to finally confront you about it

Includes: F4A, tentacles, mouth fucking, moaning, wet noises, oral, femdom

EnsnaredMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:56

Enjoy being taken becoming a spider girl's personal plaything in more ways then just her meal

Includes: F4A, being restrained, spiders, webbing, blood drinking, gulping, teasing, degradation, femdom

Newest OmegaMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:10

You've been wandering around late at night and come across the female alpha of a werewolf pact. She decides to test you to see if you have what it takes to become her little omega

Includes: F4A, A/B/O dynamics, werewolf, oral, eating out, praise, teasing, knotting, breeding, narrator has a cock because she is an alpha

CoilingMiss Lofn
00:00 / 08:22

As a brave young adventurer you don't always realize the dangers that lurk out there. In this case it is a lamia girl! She decides to coil her tail and body around you and squeeze.

Includes: F4A, lamia, breath play, squeezing, coiling, restrained, whispering, teasing, femdom

A Dream?Miss Lofn
00:00 / 10:33

She was the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. You passed her on the street and locked eyes. Your heart fluttered. And just like that it was over. Now you are trying to sleep and can't help but dream of her. But she seems to be talking directly to you. Is it really a dream?

Includes: F4A, dreams, succubus, demon, femdom, ownership, you're mine

New ArragementsMiss Lofn
00:00 / 08:36

You are royalty. People keep being sent to kill you. Your parents' solution? Make a deal with the local dragon. She will protect you from killers if when you come of age and take the throne you promise to leave her alone. She seems cold but that just is because she hasn't interacted with any nice humans. Maybe you can change things for her.

Includes: F4A, dragon, like a literal dragon, royal listener, flying, wings, size difference, cave

SanguineMiss Lofn
00:00 / 09:59

Somehow you end up in a vampire's mansion. Not good. Even worse? You are surrounded by multiple vampires. They are looking at you like you are the most delicious thing in the world right now. Luckily, if you could consider it that, the leader of this group has decided that you are hers and they can't touch you. 

Includes: F4A, vampire, blood drinking, cg/l, mommy kink, being carried, heels, thunderstorm, non con, milf, size difference, age difference, she strong strong

Episode 7_ The Perfect Sacrifice (Kraken Narrator x Human Listener) Egg Laying, ovipositioMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:44

Once a year someone from your island is selectred to be the sacrifice to the Kraken. This year, you were chosen. But she isn't at all what you imagined her to be like. That's because this year she wants to do something a little different with you.

Includes: F4A, kraken, size difference, age difference, tentacles, ovisposition, breeding, egg laying, breed with her or you did, non con, deals

ContainmentMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:16

It's your first day on the job. You are a newbie scientist so you get put on cleaning duty. You happen upon a containment unit with a slime girl. She seems really lonely and perfectly harmless. There shouldn't be a reason that you can't go in there.

Includes: F4A, slime girl, goo play, wet noises, mentions of bondage, teasing, kissing, lonely narrator, mentions of vore

HuntedMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:22

Every full moon you and your girlfriend play a game. She transforms into a werewolf and hunts you down. You, being her prey, try to run and hide and escape her.

Includes: F4A, woods, primal play, predator vs prey, being hunted, sniffing, running, A/B/O dynamics, werewolf

Shape ShifterMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:08

Minding your buisness and on your way home you spot someone frantic and talking to themselves. Next thing you know you are being slammed against the wall and kissed while the guards pass you by. The stranger apologizes and thanks you and offers to repay you at their place since it is safer.

Includes: F4A, kissing, non con (at first), listener is used as a distraction, modern fantasy, hiding from guards, hatred of nobility, let me repay you

Peace TreatyMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:30

You are the general of the human army and have been chosen to broker peace between humans the frost giants. You meet with the queen and while she is a little like you expected, she seems set on diplomacy. Maybe this is a chance for peace afterall?

Includes: F4A, war talks, peace treaty, size difference, giantess, pet play, be my human pet and the war ends, nudity, kissing, being watched, being manhandled, praise, compliments, you weren't meant to be a general this better suits you

LabyrinthMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:58

You've entered this maze like structure but as someone who is a fan of mythology (totally not from Percy Jackson) you decide to walk deeper and deeper. You start hearing a voice and while it seems teasing there is a hint of hope in it that you will find the source. Upon hitting the center of the maze you find something you least expected. The Minotaur from Greek Mythology. She tells her side of the story, complains about gods, and then wonders if you have what it takes to ride the bull of Minos.

Includes: F4A, Panner audio, mythology, shit talking Theseus and calling him a bottom, descriptions of sex, mentions of being killed but really just fatally wounded, consent asked, size difference, she's got hands but also hoof feet, riding, monster girl with a cock, lots of talk of cum, sad to horny, strong girl

AlrauneMiss Lofn
00:00 / 09:20

While hiking you step on a plant that actually seems to respond. She cries out in pain but you aren't going to apologize to a plant. After all, it's a plant. It's not like it has a heartbeat or brain or even brains. This angers her. She decides to take out a little bit of anger on you for the way humans treat plants.

Includes: F4A, Non Con, outdoors, harsh femdom, LIKE VERY HARSH STUFF PLEASE DON'T LISTEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT, bondage, vines, being restrained, breath play, insults, humiliation, degradation, arguably she bullies you while her vines tie you up.

BacchanalMiss Lofn
00:00 / 19:44

While walking through the forest you hear some noise. Is it a party? Curiosity gets the better of you and you do not expect to see is a bunch of creatures having some sort of party. Without realizing it, you step on a twig which catches the attention of a cute satyr. She goes out looking for you and brings you back. She keeps talking about her god Dionysus but I'm sure it's not some weird religious thing...

Includes:F4A, religious themes, greek themes, mentions of Zeus, mentions of Dionysus, Satyrs (and nymphs and centaurs oh my!), voyeurism, exhibitionism, wine drinking, public, hand stuff, whispering, nipple play, religious themes, virginity, inexperienced listener, virgin listener, kissing, femdom if you squint in my humble opinion, monster girls, inexperienced listener, virgin listener, experienced narrator, and queer satyrs.

FacehuggerMiss Lofn
00:00 / 09:44

As a captain on a space ship you were the last one awake. What you weren't expecting was for the lights to go off and emergency mode to go on. What you don't expect even more in some weird noises coming from, is that the vents? Is something coming for you?

Includes:F4A, 8D audio (listen with headphones for best effect!), monster girl, facehugger, all whispering, ASMR, talking in your head, talks of breeding, talks of oviposition, venom that paralyzes you, and sensory deprivation!

Leech GirlMiss Lofn
00:00 / 24:57

You wake up to the sound of gulps in a dark cave? Maybe it's a cave. You're not sure. Then a whispery/raspy voice of a woman speaks. As you open your eyes you were not expecting to come face to face with a monstrosity. Worse then that, she seems to be covered in blood, your blood. Was she drinking you?

Includes: F4A, monster girl, leech, blood drinking, venom (acts as numbing agent and doesn't allow listener to move or speak), biting, clothing ripping, sucking, LOTS of mouth sound, LOTS of wet noises, LOTS of gulping, and pseudo-body worship (it's biting as she tries to find a spot on you she likes)

Oni Miss Lofn
00:00 / 13:58

As a member of a remote village, you have a good happy life. It's pretty quiet and while you prefer to be alone, you get to sleep in and have the day to yourself. Which is why when you wake up to the sounds of screams, fire, and a voice you don't recognize, you are more confused and hurt then you are in pain...

Includes: F4A, character death mentioned (off screen), town attack, being rescued, being carried, loner listener, always there narrator, water drinking, making a pact, monster girl, oni, age gap (she’s like 300 years old), size difference, being taken care of, and kissing

We Should be Lovers Instead Miss Lofn
00:00 / 23:06

You live with your childhood best friend. You presented as omega and she presented as alpha. Despite this, you two have kept a strong friendship and tell each other everything. So when you come back from a date with an alpha that your best friend doesn't know, you don't expect this kind of a reaction...

Includes: A/B/O, girl with a cock (alpha narrator), listener with a hole (omega), listener gets wet, handstuff, listener orgasm, biting, claiming/mating, possessive narrator, friends to lovers, jealous narrator, kissing, praise and compliments, gentle femdom, love confession, l-bomb, knotting, and eager listener

Art Credit

Needy BratMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:48

You and your girlfriend have a fun dynamic that you like to push sometimes. She is taking a break from work but not paying attention to you. That obviously has to change. You take a little photo and post it to a reddit you know she looks at to grab her attention. It works better then you expect...

Includes: Posting pictures to reddit, strap, brat, punishment, strap warming, fantasy describing, degradation, dumbification, fear play, anticipation, and harsh femdom

Making a Wife Out of YouMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:23

You and your girlfriend have been playing around with the "trad wife" aesthetic because it is so painfully a kink and something fun to roleplay from time to time. Your girlfriend is the husband and you are the wife. Tonight you two are playing the game of "you can marry a slut but can't take away her sluttiness" which happens to be one of your favorites...

Includes: Established dynamic, lingerie, feminzation, humiliation, degradation, slut shaming, kissing, strapon, feminine daddy kink, good girl, nipple play, oral (receiving), praise and compliments, and begging (listener) listener

Art Credit

A Dragon's Favorite Treasure Miss Lofn
00:00 / 18:49

A while back, your village made a deal with a dragon. In return for it protecting yours village, she would get a weekly amount of gold. When one week the town couldn't pay up, the dragon took some compensation meaning she took you. That was a few months ago and while you weren't too fond of the idea at first, now you realize just how good it is to be the most valuable piece of treasure in a dragon's hoard...

Includes: Dragon, tail play, tail riding, size kink, stockholm syndrome(?), praise kink, compliments, listener is put on a pedestal, encouragement, pleasure torture, and listener orgasm

Art Credit

Usurper: 2023 EditionMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:58

After finding a throwaway book for $1 that had some funky latin and cool pictures in it, you decide to say it. When nothing happens right away you write it off as fake but then a demon appears in front of you. You seem a little startled with her monstrous appearance at first but there is something about you that is drawing you into her. Oh, it's magic. This will work out fine I'm sure...

Includes: Monster Girl, Demon/succubus, tentacles, claws, too many eyes, kissing, make a deal with me it'll be fine, selling your soul for pleasure, tentacle sucking, listener orgasm, narrator orgasm, inappropriate use of magic, possessive narrator, degradation, dumbification, demon thinks she is better then humans, secretly evil demon narrator, and TPE

Art Credit

My Little Omega, What Season is it?Miss Lofn
00:00 / 27:45

You've been mated to your best friend for a little over a month now. Everything is good but sometimes you like to push your alpha's buttons. You two got together because she broke down in a jealous fit and confessed her love for you. But she left you to go to the bathroom which means you are going to be alone for 5 minutes. What kind of mischief can you get up to while your alpha is away?

Includes: Sequel (sort of), in public (at a bar), bratty listener, purposefully making narrator possessive and jealous by flirting with someone else in front of them, lap sitting, over the clothes teasing, whispering, kissing, impending heat, clueless listener, getting a hotel together, humiliation, pinned against a wall, making out, degradation, ripping clothes, pregnancy kink, spanking, oral (receiving), and anorgasmia friendly (this version only!)

Art Credit

The Edging GameMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:40

When you are stressed it gets harder to sleep. When it gets harder to sleep sometimes you get a visit from your sleep paralysis demon. She's not the worst but you would prefer to never get a visit from her again. Tonight is one of those nights where she shows up. But tonight is a bit different. She has learned something new and decided you are going to be her guinea pig.

Includes: Monster girl, demon, inappropriate use of magic, edging, orgasm control, orgasm denial, claws, teasing, tail play, masochist listener, sadist narrator, degradation, humiliation, objectification, and body betrayal

Art Credit

The Best Gift Mommy Could Ask ForMiss Lofn
00:00 / 21:59

You wanted to make today extra special for your mommy domme and decided to put on some princess-y lingerie! What better gift for your mommy, then you? She gets impatient waiting for you to finish changing in the bathroom but when you reveal your jaw dropping ensemble, all is forgiven and she can't keep her hands off of you...

Includes: hyper-feminization, lingerie, mommy kink, mommy domme, gentle femdom, compliments, praise, corsetry (listener), princess kink (is that a thing), breathe play, SSC kink practice, consent asked/established, check ins, thigh riding, l-bombs, nipple play, listener orgasm, and kissing

Art Credit

Puppy Play TimeMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:04

A few weeks ago you confided in your girlfriend you've always wanted to try puppy play but never were comfortable enough with anyone enough to actually have the conversation let alone do it. Today, she surprises you with a box full of puppy gear and offers to test out your kink, together. It seems you both like it more then you initially thought...

Includes: First time pet play, getting into gear, collar, gag, dumbification, pet play, puppy play, accepting of your kinks girlfriend, gfe, safe words/signals established, inspection, anal, fingering (anal), tail plug, and degradation

Art Credit

Pretty Little WhoreMiss Lofn
00:00 / 21:12

You got a text from your girlfriend on the way home that read "It came, be naked and on the bed for me when I get home". Not one to deny a good time, you rush home, undress, and (im)patiently wait for her to come home with whatever surprise she has in store for you...

Includes:clothed narrator/naked listener, brand new toy, vibrator, fingering, being prepped for a big toy, size queen listener, degradation, humiliation, safe word re-established, multiple listener orgasm, improv, strap on, harsher femdom and fantasy dildo

Art Credit

Intergalatic Breeding ProgramMiss Lofn
00:00 / 24:59

A few hundred years ago, humans went to the stars seeking out a home when the planet they lived on became uninhabitable. One thing about humans that was recently learned is that they are a neutral body for most alien species. Aliens that have a lack of reproduction are able to use human bodies. From this sprouting the Alien-Human Breeding program which humans can join in exchange for being taken care of. You joined the program in need of cash and ended up loving it. You've lost count of how many times you've been bred even going as far as falling in love with one of the technician. Now, after a few months of not being bred, is your exam to see if you can carry again...

Includes: sci-fi, alien x human, oviposition, breeding kink, eggs, medical kink, improper medical procedures, mentions of previous pregnancy, breeding program in space, consent established, aphrodisiac (after consent established), tentacle (pseudo-penis), sweet to harsh back to sweet, check-ins, bondage, humiliation, degradation, objectification, cumming inside, narrator orgasm, and anorgasmia friendly (listener orgasm not stated)

Art Credit

Doll's Don't MoveMiss Lofn
00:00 / 25:45

You tried your hardest to be good but what "Mommy" is wanting is impossible. How does she expect YOU, a living and breathing human, to not move or make a sound? You aren't an object. You have a name. You have a life story. Dolls also have stories given to them by their owners whispers an unfamiliar voice in your head, beckoning you deeper. You aren't a toy...are you?

Includes: Mommy kink, dollification, objectification, dumbification, transformation, humiliation, degradation, harsher femdom, makeup, makeover, threats of basement time, compliments, hyper feminization, over the knee, spanking, and punishment, and listener is a big poofy dress.

Art Credit


Here are my audios for the girls. From one queer femme to another, I hope you enjoy some audio porn made specifically for you!

These are not the full versions. The full versions are exclusively on Onlyfans or Patreon for listen and download

Room 195Miss Lofn
00:00 / 08:51

You have been picked by an alien race for one of their most promising endeavors. A breeding program. They need to make sure you are compatible with their speices first.

Includes: F4F, restrained, oviposition, tentacles, alien, abduction, breeding, testing, inspection, medical

Mommy ComfortMiss Lofn
00:00 / 08:31

You've had a bad day but that's okay because mommy knows exactly how to make her little girl feel better

Includes: F4F, MDLG, mommy kink, comfort, aftercare, SFW, praise, older audio

You Aren't as Sneaky as you ThoughtMiss Lofn
00:00 / 08:40

You couldn't help yourself. There was a hot milf at the pool and kept staring. But it seems she likes the attention and has no problem seeing if things can move further from here...

Includes: F4F, Pride 2021, milf, older narrator x younger listener, age difference, pool, summer, capri sun, drinking, sun screen, kissing

Here Kitty KittyMiss Lofn
00:00 / 16:47

Your owner just came home from a long day at work and wants some quality time with you before anything happens. Of course this means kissing, praise, compliments, teasing, checking to see if you followed the rules, and stuff like that! Of course good kitties get rewards...

Includes: F4F, kissing, giggling, teasing, pet play, kitten play, pet names, compliments, foreplay, and bratty listener

You're Safe NowMiss Lofn
00:00 / 14:21

You wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. Stressed out and not able to fall back to sleep let your girlfriend take care of you and help your drift into sleep.

Includes: F4F, comfort, SFW, sleepaid, GFE, I love you's, pet names, compliments, praise, wholesome, sweet

Alpha Delta PiMiss Lofn
00:00 / 16:56

You just got rejected by the sorority Alpha Delta Pi. You promised your parents you would get in and this is a devasting blow. You decided maybe if you grovel they will let you in on some condition. You just never thought that THIS was going to be the condition.

Includes: collar, vibrator, orgasm, dirty talk, moaning, objectification, humiliation, degradation, praise, pet names, dollification, being treated as less then human, talks of being used by everyone in the sorority

F4F - Yandere Cuddles - NO RAINMiss Lofn
00:00 / 33:28

It's your first night with your yandere. She claims to have saved you and that she loves you but you can't help but be scared. But, that's okay! Because your yandere understands and isn't going to force you to do anything. Instead she is going to hold you, kiss you, cuddle you, tell you how perfect you are, and then let you fall asleep in her arms!

Includes: compliments, praise, heartbeat, cuddling, being snuggled, shockingly sweet, softness, gentle femdom, protective femdom, yandere, sit on my lap, fall asleep, sleep aid, SFW, comfort

New TechnologyMiss Lofn
00:00 / 11:55

You are staying in an old victorian home and you don't expect to walk in to a ghost girl sitting on your bed. She admits that she has been watching you the past few nights and politely asks if she can take over your body and try it out...

Includes: Ghosts, masturbation, vibrator, orgasm, bisexual narrator, consent asked, possession 

THAT Time of the MonthMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:39

You've been dating an alien for a while. You know that once a month she has to expel her eggs and normally she can do it alone. You've never been involved in the process. But you hear her in the bedroom and seems frustrated and finally gives in. It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that you two have recently moved in together and her body has decided you are her forever therefore she needs to breed you, not at all

Includes: Established relationship, girlfriends, living together, tentacles, oviposition, breeding, impregnation, being gone down on, body worship, kissing, foreplay, domestic life, alien, stomach bulge, Tentacle Penis

Huntress of ArtemisMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:38

While out exploring you come across a woman in the lake. After startling her, and her threatening you, she invites to join her for a swim. She seems nice despite all her talks of Artemis and being a huntress and she keeps complimenting you.

Includes: LOTS OF PRAISE, LOTS OF COMPLIMENTS, mythology references, inaccurate Artemis things I already know I'm sorry but it just wORKS, swimming, summer time, flowers, kissing, handstuff, gentle femdom, body worship, pet names, kind of wholesome

Practice Makes PerfectMiss Lofn
00:00 / 16:49

Your friend and roommate is going on her first date with a girl. She is really awkward and nervous and is worried she won't be able to eat someone out properly. She is too in her head. After telling her to breath she asks if it would be okay if she practiced on you. You respond, if she can turn you on, you will help her. She happily accepts.

Includes: Roommates, first time, kissing, thigh riding, grinding, moaning

St Irene's ConventMiss Lofn
00:00 / 16:32

You have just taken your vows of obedience, poverty, and chastity and are spending your first full day as a nun. Mother Superior decides to give you a little history lesson and then a more person 1 on 1 greeting.

Includes: Blasphemy, religious themes, christian/catholic themes, nuns, history (St. Irene was a real person!), kissing, good girl, compliments

Compatible Miss Lofn
00:00 / 15:26

Waking up in a room you don't recognize, the first thing you see is an alien. Odd. What's even odder is that she is talking like she knows you. That's when it hits you, that's your girlfriend and she has been using a disguise. Apparently you were her mark and have a very special purpose. Seeing if humans can be hosts for their species

Includes: aliens, sci-fi stuff, tentacles, oviposition, breeding, egg laying, pregnancy, talks of swollen belly (from eggs), pet names, AFAB language, and narrator orgasm

Training to ImpressMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:19

You lived a humble life of a peasant dreaming of one day visiting the castle. That was until you were out buying something and the king spotted you and decided you would make the perfect gift for his wife. Her birthday is in 3 months and your parents were offered money they couldn't refuse. Now you are the newest concubine is the glorious castle you dreamed so often of being in...

Includes: dub--con (because you are bought but lowkey into it), happy/obedient sub listener, trainer narrator, bondage/shackles, collar, leash, dildo, riding said dildo, warming said dildo, objectification, light humiliation and degradation, an orgasmia friendly, AFAB language, and orgasm denial!

Not a Fertility GoddessMiss Lofn
00:00 / 22:57

While exploring a cave you come across a very life like statue of some long forgotten Goddess. No big deal, you go up to touch it and examine it. It starts to crack. Panicking, you watch the statue shatter but what is left in place is a tall, powerful, woman who starts speaking. Did you just accidentally free a trapped goddess?

Includes: Size difference, angry narrator (not at you), praise kink, compliments, body worship, kissing, licking, oral (receiving), listener orgasm, interactive with the listener and dirty talk.

Know your lines and follow along with the script!

Sweet GirlMiss Lofn
00:00 / 11:01

You were naughty and disobeyed your domme which means it is time for some funishment!

Includes: Bondage, sweet but cruel domme, spanking, funishment, compliments, and a tinge of degradation

How to Take Care of your NekoMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:18

Today is your day to be the neko for demonstration at your owner's class. You are a shy and nervous little thing but you are determined to make your owner proud. Even at the expense of your own dignity...

Includes:Neko listener, voyeurism/exhibitionism, humiliation, degradation, collar, dumbification, cooing, pet play (kitten), fingering, listener orgasm, gentle femdom, praise kink, compliments, nipple play, kissing, little bit of body worship, TPE, and live model demonstration

Mommy Doesn't Want to Resist her Good GirlMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:19

You and your girlfriend are about to go out to dinner to meet with some friends. Running behind schedule, she decides to check in on you and gets a little distracted...

Includes: Established D/S, Mommy Kink, Tasting yourself, Oral (receiving), Praise kink, Mouth sounds, Nipple play, Fingering, Possessive narrator, anorgasmia friendly, gentle femdom, and l-bombs

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The Vampire's Soft SpotMiss Lofn
00:00 / 27:39

A few months ago, you met your girlfriend through a chance encounter. Just like finding out she was a vampire the morning after. Besides those two hiccups, everything has been wonderful for you two. But today, today is your favorite day because it is feeding day. That means your girlfriend is going to give you extra attention for drinking from you...

Includes:monster girlfriend, vampire, little bit of a brat listener, vampire is obsessed with you, marking kink, biting, fangs, blood play (I mean it’s a vampire), teasing, needy listener, kissing, mouth sounds, moaning, fingering, penetration (fingers), listener orgasm, l-bombs, gentle femdom, taking care of you, compliments, and praise kink

Mommy's Favorite DessertMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:07

You wanted to show your Mommy domme just how far you've come along with cooking by cooking her an entire meal tonight! While wearing nothing but you're cute little apron, your Mommy can't help but be impressed with your skills and want to reward you. That being said, you did forget to make dessert...

Includes:Domestic Bliss, mommy kink, cooking a meal, rewards for good behavior, lap sitting, teasing over the clothes, table sitting, oral (receiving), and listener orgasm



You've reached the wholesome section of my audios! All these audios are 100% SFW whether there is a storyline or they are just some ASMR. 

I Love YouMiss Lofn
00:00 / 21:43

Fall asleep on your girlfriend's chest after a long day

Includes: F4A, sleepaid, SFW, I love you's, GFE, establsihed relationship, praise, compliments, comfort, heartbeat

ProtectedMiss Lofn
00:00 / 17:30

Fall asleep in your Lamia Mommy's tail

Includes: F4A, sleepaid, comfort, mommy kink, CG/L, heartbeat, lamia, monster girl, SFW, I love you's

Making Out in a ThunderstormMiss Lofn
00:00 / 25:56

This is literally just 25 minutes of kissing with subtle moans in a thunderstorm

Includes: F4A, ASMR, kissing, SFW, GFE, rain, thunderstorm

Peachy CleanMiss Lofn
00:00 / 14:42

Treat yourself to some ear licking by your favorite neko ear cleaning service, Peachy Clean's!

Includes: F4A, SFW, ear cleaning, licking, wet noises, neko

Depression ComfortMiss Lofn
00:00 / 08:06

It hasn't been the best day. Your depression is kicking your ass harder then usual today. So your domme goes into aftercare/comfort mode to make you feel better and support you with whatever you need!

Includes: F4A, gentle femdom, aftercare, support, SFW, older audio, I don't really remember what is in this one I'm sorry

A Warm Spring NightMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:04

Your wolf girlfriend invited you to stargaze tonight. While laying on her chest and cuddling (plus) slightly annoying her when you call her paws toe beans) she shows you the constellations and tells you a story from her clan. You find out that she hasn't told her parents about you which upsets you a bit since you two are pretty serious but then she does something you never expected...

Includes: F4A, Cuddling, ambience, heartbeat, kisses, l-bombs, stargazing, story telling, compliments, teasing, serious conversations, SFW

Isn't it Nice Out?Miss Lofn