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MonsterGirl Series


Theses audios are solos or mini series that aren't a part of any bigger series. From just one offs with an orc to SFW comforts to even having fun with dominant secretary. There is something here for everyone!

These are not the full versions. The full versions are exclusively on Onlyfans or Patreon for listen and download

Boss' SecretMiss Lofn
00:00 / 07:54

The office is closed and you call in your secretary for a last minute schedule check in for next week. One thing leads to another and now she is sitting in your lap, grinding, and teasing you.

Includes: F4A, role reversal, power imbalance, boss x secretary, femdom, teasing, grinding, kissing, public play, humiliation, degradation, lap sitting, older audio

Back at the OfficeMiss Lofn
00:00 / 07:54

Everyone thinks you have taken the day off. You are the boss after all. Only you and your secretary know the truth. You are underneath the desk, shackled, and being made to give her orgasms while she answers all your phone calls.

Includes: F4A, public, being restrained, power imbalance, role reversal, boss x secretary, femdom, teasing, humiliation, degradation, under the desk, older audio, cuffs, chains, moaning

Caught Red HandedMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:01

Trying to go to your car, your neighbor stops by. There is something she has been meaning to ask you about. She has caught you staring through her window the past few nights. Not that she is mad, she is more curious as to why

Includes: F4A, neighbors, milf, mommy kink, spy, voyeurism, exhibitionism, public play, kissing, age difference, older narrator x younger listener

NekoizationMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:38

The hottest new thing has hit society! Becoming an animal/human hybrid. Finally you have saved up enough money to get the hyrbid you want, nekoization! The nurse needs to do a little testing first though...

Includes: F4A, nekos, medical, improper medical testing, licking, praise, pet names

Double TroubleMiss Lofn
00:00 / 09:24

You screwed over the mafia. Not great. They send their best interrogators to find you. Also not great. It turns out it isn't just one person but it is two. And they are twins. Sadomasochistic twins who are willing to do whatever it takes to get you spill.

Includes: F4A, twins, mafia, restrained, humiliation, degradation, masochistic listener, sadistic narrator, two speakers

ExposedMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:14

The captain has figured out that you were the spy sent by the navy. Not only to betray your captain, but to be found out in the middle of the sea with no port in sight in days isn't going to end well.

Includes: F4A, swords, spit, humiliation, degradation, insults, not gentle femdom, mentions of being sold, mentions of sexual slavery, restrained, mentions of being tossed to the crew

Morning AfterMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:54

After going home with a milf last night, you spend the morning being lazy in bed cuddling and kissing and procrastinating the rest of your day. 

Includes: F4A, milf, age difference, kissing, heartbeat, cuddling, compliments, promise of pancakes but no pancakes, aftercare, mommy kink, gentle femdom

Spoil of WarMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:29

The last human left alive at your camp after an orc raid. If you play dead, then maybe they won't notice you and leave you alone. But your trail gives you away. Instead of killing you, this orc decides to take you as her personal victory prize. It's not like a little human like yourself can take care of themselves alone.

Includes: F4A, size difference, monster girl, orc, femdom, gentle to harsh femdom, non con, restrained, helping the injured, pet names (kitten), humiliation, degradation

My BelovedMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:57

Waking up restrained in a space ship wasn't the plan but who can really plan for something like that? An alien starts talking to you about how much she loves you and her plans for you and that isn't making any sense. You didn't know aliens existed before right now let alone how could one that you've never met fall in love with you?

Includes: F4A, yandere, alien, non con, restrained, kidnapping, abduction, tentacles, mentions of breeding, mentions of oviposition

Head of Staff pt. 1 Response TrainingMiss Lofn
00:00 / 07:14

It's your first day on the job as a royal servant to the king and queen. The head of the household shows you exactly how things run around her from how to properly tie your uniform to testing your response to different stimuli. Afterall, only the best for the king and queen.

Includes: F4A, royalty, medieval setting, servant, response training, kissing, older audio, getting dressed, talking down to, bi (can be forced or not)

Head of Staff pt. 2 Proper SpankingMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:32

Second day on the job and the head of the household needs to teach you one of the most important lessons there is to learn. How to be spanked and how to spank someone.

Includes: F4A, royalty, medieval setting, servant, older audio, spanking, moaning, crying, humiliation, degradation, being spanked, doing the spanking, switch

Just Following OrdersMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:49

Being held for ransom wasn't on your list of things you wanted to to happen today but that is out of your control. The 2nd in control is in charge of watching you but with you all tied up, how can she resits?

Includes: F4A, non con, hostage, ransom, kidnapping, mafia, kissing, restrained, bondage, older audio

Punishment of a BetrayerMiss Lofn
00:00 / 09:11

Did you really think getting out of the pack with your eldritch patron was going to be easy?

Includes: F4A, non con, yandere, eldritch horror, patron, warlock, fantasy, tentacles, dp, punishment, humiliation, degradation, teaching a lesson

So UnfortunateMiss Lofn
00:00 / 13:37

As a rookie investigator it is not everyday that you get called to Belcourt Chateau. It is also not everyday that someone dies in a mysterious way. Hopefully this is just as the lady of the house says and it was a freak accident.

Includes: F4A, vampire, rich widow, thunderstorm, fake crying, over dramatic, personality change, blood drink, hypnosis

It's Not Like I CareMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:51

Life could have been worse. At least the vampire who keeps you as her personal blood bank is nice. She makes sure you are comfortable, well fed, happy, and never takes more then needed. Which means, she is fun to tease.

Includes: F4A, tsundere, vampire, gentle femdom, bratty listener, drinking, blood, CNC, kissing, you totally want more from this relationship not me this is your idea obviously

Summer Body ReadyMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:08

You haven't been feeling confident in your body since the season is changing. That's okay because your girlfriend is here to hype you up and remind you how attractive she finds you

Includes: F4A, GFE, comfort, body positivity, praise, kissing, body worship, established relationship

The Butterfly EffectMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:08

The villains were planning on capturing the big hero, making a statement. Instead, they got you. The heroes' sidekick. While it's not exactly what they were going for, they can make it work

Includes: F4A, electro play, electro wand, being shocked, restrained, mind break, come join our side, sOcIeTy

[F4A] Two for One (Twin Succubi x Tricked Listener) Ownership, Inspection, Kissing (mp3cutMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:57

You just wanted to summon one demon and make a deal. But instead, you accidentally summoned two. They seem to pretty high up in hell's ranks and they look like twins. Maybe two demons are better then one?

Includes: F4A, making deals, demon, succubus, inspection, soul selling, kissing, marking, ownership, twins

Wrong AddressMiss Lofn
00:00 / 08:59

A package you ordered got delivered to the cute milf next door. She knocks on your door and give it to you but offers you a little more then just your package

Includes: F4A, age difference, younger listener x older narrator, innocent listener, mommy kink, gentle femdom, kissing

The Last TimeMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:51

You and your teacher have had an on and off again relationship throughout the school year. You just won't leave her alone. So she makes a deal with you. One final session and you leave her alone.

Includes: F4A, teacher x student, older narrator x younger listener, brat listener, spanking, public, humiliation, degradation, discipline

What am I Going to do Next?Miss Lofn
00:00 / 13:41

Tied up and blindfolded let your domme take control as you try to predict what happens next to your body.

Includes: F4A, older audio, bondage, restrained, blindfold, sensory deprivation, kissing, body worship, oral

Let's PlayMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:53

Another round of cat and mouse with your favorite robber. As a detective you know you shouldn't want to hear a thief is robbing someone but you have a soft spot for her. There is something thrilling about hooking up with the enemy. 

Includes: F4A, opposites attract, teasing, femdom, bondage, restrained, tied up, eat the rich

Local Milf in your AreaMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:54

Working retail isn't the most interesting job and is more or less the same thing everyday. But today an attractive milf bumps into you and asks for your help. You wouldn't be doing your job if you didn't help her out...

Includes: F4A, milf, mother's day 2021, public play, kissing, bold, mentions of pegging, dry humping, grinding, gentle femdom

The Weather Outside is Frightful - PUBLIC SFXMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:34

You and your friend decide to share an air bnb for the weekend! But something goes wrong and the heat in her room is broken. She goes into your room seeking warmth and wanting to share a bed, strictly platonically. But now that she is in bed with, she seems not to be so tired...

Includes: F4A, sharing a bed, friends to lovers, platonic, kissing, moaning, heavy breathing, compliments, praise, tit worship, nipple play, helping a friend out

Let's Take It SlowMiss Lofn
00:00 / 20:24

First date with this girl and things are getting hot and heavy. But she notices some slight apprehension. It's your first time! Not that that is anything to be embarrassed about, but let's take it a little slow

Includes: F4A,  Kissing, compliments, praise, some cliches, nipple play, body worship, pet names, being straddled, gentle femdom, moaning, hickeys, neck kisses, dirty talk

Once in a LifetimeMiss Lofn
00:00 / 28:31

It's Valentine's Day and humans are lonely. Really lonely. So lonely they are willing to create a sigil, light some candles, and offer themselves as an offering regardless if they believe in magic or not. Which means when a 24 year old woman summons you, who are you to say no? It's really perfect timing...

Includes: F4A,  fear play, being afraid, summoning circles, magic, talks of hell, kissing, lots of compliments, oral, religious tones, blasphemy, and talks of ownership, monster listener, demon listener

Invoke DuplicityMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:36

Last thing you remember you were approached by someone and knocked out. You wake up tied up, with a fire warming the cold that the night air leaves on your skin and two identical women are staring at you. While their hound sleeps, they tell you about a bounty on your head and how they plan to turn you in for some money. Weirdly, the one only seems to do what the other says. Maybe you can strike a deal with the clearly dominant of the two?

Includes: F4A, FF4A, Three Way, inappropriate magic use, bondage, restrained, struggling, making a deal, understanding, fantasy setting, public space, edging, denial, being questioned, degradation, spit

No I Can't Talk Any LouderMiss Lofn
00:00 / 10:22

You call your girlfriend in the middle of the night. In a hushed whispered tone she asks you what is wrong and laughs a little in relief when it's just that you're horny. If you are okay with her speaking in a whispering she agrees to get you off. She decides this by describing a fantasy she has been wanting to do with you for a while.

Includes: F4A, dirty talk, describing a fantasy, ASMR, whispering, established relationship, l-bombs

Fantasy Includes: blindfolds, gentle femdom, kissing, making out, grinding, cuddling, snuggling, vibrators, praise, listener orgasm, weirdly sweet and wholesome

Lamia's LairMiss Lofn
00:00 / 08:17

You were trying to find shelter for the night and decided to peak into a cave. The only issue? The cave wasn't empty. Inside you find a Lamia who is willing to help you if you can answer a few questions for her.

Includes: F4A, lamia, monster girl, cave, bondage, restrained, tail play

Last CallMiss Lofn
00:00 / 16:25

It's your last night in town before you move on with your adventure and you decide to stop into the tavern. It's not very busy considering the time night but the bar maiden is just as awake as ever. How will this night go?

Includes: F4A, alcohol, flirting, teasing, foreplay, gossiping, hickeys, kissing, dirty talk

The Ear Cleaning SpecialistMiss Lofn
00:00 / 15:07

Sometimes you save up enough to treat yourself and you finally saved up enough for the famed Dr. Marigold's special ear licking treatment. They say she is the best in the area. Once she enters, you start to understand why the neko doctor is so recommended.

Includes: full version, neko, doctor x patient, ASMR, whispering, ear licking, orgasm encouragement, public play,  be quiet

You're a Good PetMiss Lofn
00:00 / 14:21

You were once the most feared name in this time. Just the mere mention of your name could instill fear. Then one day you simply disappeared. Most assumed you had met your fatal end but only you and one other person know the truth. Instead of throwing you into a jail you would inevitably break out of, the hero decided to take a more hands on approach. Turning you into her little pet. She has to leave for a little bit which means you get the headphones. The calming and familiar voice washes over you as it begins...

Includes: Yandere narrator, with binaural beats, non con, captivity, mind break, pet play, repetitive themes, ownership, dehumanization, sensory deprivation, restraints, and happily mind broken listener,

A Warm Spring Night Part 2Miss Lofn
00:00 / 17:04

After you agree to be your wolf girlfriend's mate she pounces on you. After a quick make out session, she decides to go down on you to get you ready for her knot. After she works you up with some dirty talk, some oral, and a denies your release. After all, the next time you cum it will be around her knot...

Includes: Making out, bottom listener, oral, licking, kissing, biting, moaning, primal play, possessive narrator, girl with a knot, mating rituals, orgasm denial

Shower Time - FULL VERSIONMiss Lofn
00:00 / 12:54

Waking up with your girlfriend means you get to shower together! Getting clean and getting together *wink wink*. She makes sure to make the water temperature just right for you so you can enjoy your morning time together before work.

Includes: Shower SFX, Shampooing noises, domestic bliss, being cute, showering together, oral, listener gets shampooed and conditional while eating out the narrator, dirty talk, babbling, narrator orgasm