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Pink Satin Panties

Storyline: It's been a long day at work and you just want to get home and see your girlfriend. When you get home, she is one of her moods, which is how you ended up here. Sitting on her lap in nothing but your panties as she touches you with praise. Not a terrible way to spend the night...

Includes: established relationship, fingering, lap sitting, kissing, mommy kink, gentle femdom, taking care of you, compliments, praise, encouragement, wholesome porn, patronizing femdom, little bit of humiliation and degradation as a treat (only when patronizing), and listener orgasm

~ Inclusivity Stuff ~

Pet Names: Babygirl, princess, slut

Body Parts Mentioned: Clit, pussy, legs , hips, and mouth

Misc: Listener is wearing pink satin panties that the narrator told her to wear

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