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The Vampire's Soft Spot

Storyline: A few months ago, you met your girlfriend through a chance encounter. Just like finding out she was a vampire the morning after. Besides those two hiccups, everything has been wonderful for you two. But today, today is your favorite day because it is feeding day. That means your girlfriend is going to give you extra attention for drinking from you...

Includes: monster girlfriend, vampire, little bit of a brat listener, vampire is obsessed with you, marking kink, biting, fangs, blood play (I mean it’s a vampire), teasing, needy listener, kissing, mouth sounds, moaning, fingering, penetration (fingers), listener orgasm, l-bombs, gentle femdom, taking care of you, compliments, and praise kink

~ Inclusivity Stuff ~

Pet Names: darling, dove, good girl, and blood bag (affectionately)

Body Parts Mentioned: Lips, tongue, chest, blood, neck, eyes, pussy, hole, clit, and hips

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