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My name is Lofn. You might also know me as Miss Lofn or Ms Lofn. I also am Back at the Lagoon on youtube as well as Freyja VA, Lovn, and more. Youtube doesn't let me stay up for too long but I always come back. That being said, you can find all my audios here without any restrictions totally free to listen to!


About my Audios

I strive to make inclusive porn for everyone. As you can see, most of my audios are for anyone meaning for any gender listener. I tend towards femdom and monsters with a soft spot for monsters and omegaverse. I'm well known for both my omegaverse, oviposition, and tentacle audios. I specialize in gentle femdom as well as patronizing femdom but that doesn't mean I don't also do darker topics. All audios are tagged with warnings, inclusivity notes, and pet names so that you know what you are getting into. I want everyone to enjoy my audios and make sure they know what they are clicking when they decide to listen to something of mine. So feel free to search around, try something new or old, and enjoy yourself!

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