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Storyline: You've entered this maze like structure but as someone who is a fan of mythology (totally not from Percy Jackson) you decide to walk deeper and deeper. You start hearing a voice and while it seems teasing there is a hint of hope in it that you will find the source. Upon hitting the center of the maze you find something you least expected. The Minotaur from Greek Mythology. She tells her side of the story, complains about gods, and then wonders if you have what it takes to ride the bull of Minos.

Includes: Panner audio, mythology, shit talking Theseus and calling him a bottom, descriptions of sex, mentions of being killed but really just fatally wounded, consent asked, size difference, she's got hands but also hoof feet, monster girl with a cock, lots of talk of cum, gender swap, strong girl

~ Older audios like this don't have an inclusivity section, I'm sorry~

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