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Body Jacker

Storyline: As a member of a remote village, you have a good happy life. It's pretty quiet and while you prefer to be alone, you get to sleep in and have the day to yourself. Which is why when you wake up to the sounds of screams, fire, and a voice you don't recognize, you are more confused and hurt then you are in pain...

Includes: character death mentioned (off screen), town attack, being rescued, being carried, loner listener, always there narrator, water drinking, making a pact, monster girl, oni, age gap (she’s like 300 years old), size difference, being taken care of, and kiss

~ Inclusivity Stuff~

Pet Names: Pet and little one

Body Parts Mentioned: arms, chest, throat, body, and face

Misc: Listener is the sole survivor of a fire that spreads throughout their village

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