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Biblically Accurate Angel

Storyline: This time of year always gets you down. You've been single for the past few falls and while you aren't alone some nights you feel lonely. Tonight is a particularly bad night. Laying in bed, asking for a sign or a signal or something that there is someone out there for you, an angel appears in your bedroom. Only she isn't playing the harm and gorgeous. She's covered in dozens of eyes, has a rotating throne, and appears in a cloud of a smoke with a poof...

Includes: in a bad headspace/bad place mentally listener, touched starve/lonely listener, monster girl, biblically accurate angel, probably blasphemy, probably religious kink, corruption, monster anatomy, convincing/giving in, temporary peace of mind, “helping you”, a literal mind fuck, restrained, magic, mind control, HFO, mutual orgasms, cumming inside, cuddling, and somewhere between sweet and harsh

~ Inclusivity Stuff~

Pet Names: Little lamb and precious 

Body Parts Mentioned: hands, fingers, lips, back, between your thighs, head, and cheek (face)


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