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Storyline: You wake up to the sound of gulps in a dark cave? Maybe it's a cave. You're not sure. Then a whispery/raspy voice of a woman speaks. As you open your eyes you were not expecting to come face to face with a monstrosity. Worse then that, she seems to be covered in blood, your blood. Was she drinking you?

Includes: monster girl, leech, blood drinking, venom (acts as numbing agent and doesn't allow listener to move or speak), biting, clothing ripping, sucking, LOTS of mouth sound, LOTS of wet noises, LOTS of gulping, and pseudo-body worship (it's biting as she tries to find a spot on you she likes)

~ Inclusivity Stuff~

Pet Names: Prey

Body Parts Mentioned: skin, body, ankles, collarbones, neck, shoulder, heart, and chest

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