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Eve and Lilith

Storyline: You're Eve. As far as you know, you are the first woman created. You were created to be a partner for Adam and that's it. That's your life. You know it's wrong to want for me but you do. One day, by the tree you aren't supposed to be near but are anyways, you spot a woman. If you could call her that, she looks more snake then woman. Slithering towards you, she bears a toothy grin like she has been waiting for this moment...

Includes: bible mythos, monster girl, lamia, in public (outdoors), blasphemy, religious themes, convincing you take a bite, corruption, kissing, and compliments

~ Inclusivity Stuff ~

Pet Names: sweetheart and pretty/lovely/my/sweet/etc girl

Body Parts Mentioned: tongue, face, eyes, hand(s), and soul

Misc: Eve is the listener and Lilith is the speaker

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