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Ride my Thigh, Princess

Storyline: Your girlfriend left you a list of things to do today. Normal stuff like the dishes but it also included instructions on what to wear. More specifically, what NOT to wear. When she comes home from work and pats her thigh, you have a feeling you know exactly where this is going. Happily, you straddle her thigh and wait patiently for what she has to say...

Includes: lap sitting, pet names, praise, compliments, gentle femdom, thigh riding, encouragement, listener orgasm, l-bombs, and implied-aftercare

~ Inclusivity Stuff ~

Pet Names: Princess and babydoll

Body Parts Mentioned: clit, arms, hips, thighs, and mouth

Misc: When someone asks what color you are, they’re referring to the traffic light system in BDSM where green means go, yellow means slow down/proceed with caution/be wary, and red means stop

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