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The Orc Queen and her
Bratty Princess

Storyline: A few months ago, you met this orc at the bar. You two hooked up, she invited you back to her camp, you feel a little bit in love with her, she thought that was endearing, and the rest is history. Now you are a kept princess for the queen and while sometimes it gets boring, you find ways to spice things up...

Includes: Monster girl, orc, royalty, lap sitting, bit of a size kink (more for her muscles then height), kissing, girl with a cock (monster anatomy), talks of previous blowjobs, kissing, little bit of a brat listener, teasing the narrator all day long, funishment fuck, playful dynamic, riding, little bit of degradation and humiliation as a treat, listener orgasm, narrator orgasm, creampie/cumming inside, aftercare, cuddling, words of affirmations, and heartbeat (optional)

~ Inclusivity Stuff ~

Pet Names: Princess and babygirl (things like slut, whore, sweetheart, are used once)

Body Parts Mentioned: body, hole, pipes (like vocal cords), skin, eyes, and head

Misc: Listener is wearing a dress

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